About our company ...

LGC Storage and Logistics is a wholly-owned division of the Laurel Grocery Company of London, Kentucky.

Laurel Grocery, founded in 1922, serves as a full-service wholesaler to retailers in eight states. As a wholesale distributor, Laurel Grocery is a family- owned business with core values that emphasize customer relations and service as job one. 

As a public storage and logistics provider, LGC Storage and Logistics strives to maintain high quality standards and controls commensurate with the expectations of customers large and small. If you have a need for public storage in or around the Eastern U.S., we want to talk to you!

For more information, please contact:

Billy Buckles at Phone: 606-878-6601 Ext 2224 or

email: wbuckles@laurelgrocery.com

Please come by and visit our headquarters at the following location:

LGC Storage Company

415 Barbourville Road

London, KY 40744